How it developed

This is a continuation from

How it continued

About a year later I met what was to be my wife. To begin with she was always in the mood, which was great. Definitely no complaints from me. I moved in with her and it was all going very well until I started to disconnect myself with her, sometimes doing anything to get out of having sex with her. One time she tried to wake me up with a blow job I pretended to be asleep the whole time.

I then discovered she was having an affair, probably because she wasn’t getting sex from me.

The night I discovered she had been seeing someone we had a great row about it and ended the night by making up and having sex, later realising that I was the second guy to have sex with her that night.

The next day after a long chat we somehow ended up making plans to get married the next year but she still wanted to see her lover for the time being which for some reason I agreed to.

A month later she told me she had told him she didn’t want to see him anymore to my surprise but total joy.

We did get married and things were going well.

About a year into our marriage I found a short black skirt while my wife was out and could not resist getting naked and putting it on. I’d forgotten just how good it felt. So, so good! Well of course I had to put on some panties too and high heels. Followed by a garter belt and stockings. Oh why couldn’t I dress like this all the time!? Although one day I did wear her panties to work which I found very exciting.

So the cycle began, every time my wife was out I’d be dressing up. I especially loved wearing her/my baby doll, it made me feel so sexy. I would love walking around the house feeling all girly.

I always worried that my wife would discover I was wearing her lingerie so decided I should buy my own. Another exciting adventure.

I went into my local hyper market and found some pretty panties i liked and quickly put them in my basket. That was all I intended to buy this time but then I saw a sexy baby doll that I just had to have. So that went into my basket too. I bought other stuff so it wasn’t just those items i was paying for at the checkout.

I couldn’t wait to get home to try on my new lingerie. Emphasis on MY. Within minutes of getting in I was looking at girly me in the mirror and loving it. I wished I could spend all night in my new outfit but I needed to get back into my guy clothes and find place to hide my purchases.  I decided on the attic as she never went in there.

One day while my wife was at home all I could think about was wearing my girly clothes, I was desperate to wear them. I decided what the hell, she’s busy making dinner why don’t I just go into the attic and put my clothes on up there, she won’t know.

I did just that. It was such a thrill wearing lingerie and being girly while my wife was in the house too. Knowing that I could get caught too, although unlikely, but still it was possible and it made me very excited. Especially when she called me down for dinner and I replied still wearing sexy, girly underwear.

I had always considered myself to be a good love maker despite the fact that sex with my wife always ended up with her having to get herself off even when we’d been at it for what I considered a long time. No matter what I did she would end up having to give herself an orgasm.

My confidence in that area took a huge blow when she decided enough was enough and told me that I needed to improve in this area or she would find someone to give her the orgasms she needed. She also told me she had spoken to my ex about this and she had told her she experienced the same thing. Something she had never said to me. This would probably explain why both of them had affairs while with me.

I didn’t have a clue have to rectify this so I didn’t bother. I’m not sure if she found someone to please her but I suspect she did.

By this time I spent a lot of time fantasising about being dressed up and being on my knees while a guy put his cock in my mouth. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I loved the thought of being on my knees looking up at a guy while kissing, licking and sucking his huge hard cock until he filled my mouth with his cum and I swallowed it all. I had gotten to the point that when I masturbated I only ever thought about guys never women. If I tried to imagine women nothing would happen so I would go back to imagining me with a guy.

One thing struck me though. I never fancied guys to look at. Only girls did that. I found women very sexy but not men. So why did I only fantasise about sex with guys not women? Very confusing. I also only thought about giving them blow jobs nothing else. I so desperately wanted to try it. Would it ever happen though? I certainly hoped so.

To be continued….








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