Does she know?


My girlfriend had pratically moved in now and sex was happening a lot with her. Out of the blue she started playing with my butt hole during sex and then  fingering my hole. My mind went crazy! This felt amazing! I started pushing against her finger wanting her to go deeper. Then she whispered to me you really like that don’t you? When I nodded she said tell me, I  want to hear you say it or I’ll stop. Yes I do like it I replied. Like it or love it? She asked. Love it was my reply. Tell me what you love she said with a huge grin on her face. I love feeling your finger inside me, I love you fingering me. She laughed then said I thought you would. From then on every time we had sex she would always finger me, always smiling as she saw how much enjoyment I was getting out of it.

She would often tease me saying things like I bet you’d like to have a boyfriend and was always talking about her gay friend. She would also say that me and a guy at work would make a cute couple. I began to wonder does she know something. She never elaborated anymore than that so I never knew.

That started me fantasising a lot about my girlfriend hooking me up with guys. I would imagine, that after sex with her she would say you know you’ve never given me an orgasm are you sure you’re not gay. Maybe I should fix you up with my friend and see if you’re better at sex with a guy because you’re not that good with women. I bet you can give guys amazing orgasms with that girly mouth of yours. Do you want me to get you a date with him? As she said this I would get instantly hard and she would say wow! I think we have our answer! Then remark on how I had never been that hard before, not for her, so maybe I do prefer guys. She would continue to tease me saying just imagine being naked in bed with another guy, your hands wandering over his naked body and touching his hard cock. Imagine feeling his lips on yours as he forces his tongue in your mouth. She would notice how hard I was then put her hands on my very swollen member and say just pretend thats your manly boyfriends hand on your cock and she would laugh as I let out a little moan. Hmmm you’d like that to happen wouldn’t you? Without thinking I’d murmur mmm yes. Then she would laugh again saying aww so cute my little gay boyfriend wants his own boyfriend don’t you? I would just nod then she would say I bet you want to be the his little girlfriend don’t you? Again I just nodded feeling my face go red with embarrassment. She would continue saying imagine having his tongue in your mouth, imagine tasting his cock in your mouth. His hands on the back of your head as he fucks your mouth, filling your mouth with his cum. Then getting on top of you and slowly entering you as he kisses you deeply. You wrapping your legs around him as he goes deeper and deeper inside you. As he starts to cum inside you, you moan in extasy and beg for him to go deeper and harder. By this time I’d imagine I would have cum everywhere much to the pleasure and amusement of my girlfriend who would then feed me any cum that was on her hand. I would think about her making me phone up her gay friend and asking him out on a date.

Sometimes I would imagine answering the door naked to a guy and start kissing him on the doorstep for anyone passing to see. Then taking him by the hand and bringing him inside.

Other times I would imagine coming home and my girlfriend had left a note for me to get naked then come into the front room because she had a surprise for me that she knew I was going to love. When I walked in I would see another guy standing naked before me and I’d be totally mesmerised. He puts out his hands and says come here. I take his hands and he pulls me in close, our rock hard cocks are rubbing against each other as I put my arms around him and he rests his hands on my lower back. I look lovingly into his eyes as he he kisses me on the lips. I’m in a daze not sure what to make of it all as he leans in and kisses me again, longer this time. That felt good but before I’ve had time to take it all in he kisses me again but this time I instinctively part my lips for him to push his tongue into my mouth. As he does I go weak at the knees and let out a whimper as his tongue touches mine. Which amuses my girlfriend. We kiss passionately, and I move his hands down onto my butt then put my arms back around the back of his neck. His hands start to roam over my naked body and it feels electrifying! I’ve never felt anything so good. I don’t want it to stop. The feeling of his tongue in my mouth is so sensual, I  am totally under his spell. I’ve never experienced anything like this with a woman.

He breaks away from the kiss and whispers its time to get down on your knees. I start to kiss down his chest until I’m on my knees before him. All the time looking into his eyes. I’m now on my knees before him, looking up at him waiting for his command like a dog waiting for his masters instructions. His gorgeous cock staring me in the face. It seems like an age before his nods his head which I take as my invitation to kiss the tip of his cock. I then kiss all the way down his shaft to the bottom and his balls then sucking on them before licking the length of his cock then taking it in my mouth. Wow! I loved how it felt in my mouth! I loved how it made me feel, naked, on my knees, with a mans penis in my mouth, his hand on the back of my head, my girlfriend watching. I was his gay lover. His girlfriend sucking her mans cock. This was my place. It felt right. I  wanted to do this everyday. It wasn’t long before he was filling my mouth with his cum. I desperately tried to swallow it all. I heard him say what a good little girl. I loved hearing him say that. All I could think about was how I wanted to do anything to please him.

To be continued….


How the internet opened up a whole new world

Once we got the internet and I  discovered chatrooms, I thought why not try gay chat rooms and see if I could meet up with someone.

It didn’t take long to find someone and we would chat about the things we’d like to do. We then started to email each other and arranged to meet.

One day I came home late from work after doing some overtime. My wife was asleep but there was a note by the bed. I read it and there was a printed version of the last email I received from this guy describing what he wanted to do to me. Talking about having me on all fours and pulling my boxers down and fucking me.

I was now in total panic! She’s found out! I thought my world had crumbled! I said nothing about it until she brought it up a few days later, saying she knew I had read it. She said she couldn’t see any emails from me so didn’t know what I had said. I  told her it was just a joke, that I was setting up my neighbour who had pissed us off. So i was pretending it was him. I’m pretty sure she didn’t buy it but she made out she did, saying she thought she had turned me gay.

So obviously I stopped for a while. Then I found an Internet cafe and at lunchtimes would go there. A guy agreed to meet me nearby in the back of his van but when the day came I just couldn’t do it.

I arranged to meet another guy, when I got there we walked towards his flat then I panicked and ran off.

One day I decided to phone up a local paper and put an ad in to meet up with another guy. I  got a big thrill out of saying to the newspaper answerphone that I was a gay guy. It really excited me saying that I was gay. No one answered the ad but I just enjoyed saying about being gay.

By now I started having fantasies of being dominated and being a sub to a very dominating guy who would feminise me.

So then I found chat rooms where I would talk to doms and be in extasy when a dom would say that he would dress me up girly then bring in my wife and say look at your sissy hubby. Then he would say tell your wife the name you prefer to be called then I would say Victoria. Then he would say okay Victoria strip naked then I want you to choose who you’d rather be having sex with for the rest of your life. When you have chosen I want you to go up to that person and kiss them passionately then get down on your knees in front of them. The person you don’t choose will watch as you fulfill your lovers needs fully.

Then my master said so what would you do if I did that? I told him I would go up to you and grab hold of your big hard cock then kiss you passionately before dropping to my knees whilst still looking into your eyes then slowly kiss your cock while looking at my wife and taking it all in until you came in my mouth then over my face. Then I would get you to fuck me in front of her to show her that I belonged to you not her. He then said that’s a good girl. He told me he would reward me with my very own collar that had a tag on it saying property of master Tom which he would get my wife to put on my neck then attach a lead to which she would bring me to him. Then he would fuck her in front of me whilt he showed me how real men fuck their women.

He told me he would throw away all my guy clothes and I would only be allowed to wear girly clothes or be totally naked. The choice was his. I would only answer to Vicki or Victoria. I loved these chats and fantasies.

We moved not long after that, and soon split up. I had found a short skirt of hers and when she was out I would wear it with a T-shirt around the house. It felt really good. I  loved it.

I started looking at gay hook up sites but never had the courage to meet up.

One day I visted where we used to live and arranged to meet a guy and went through with it. We went to his house, had a beer. He asked if i did poppers, I didn’t know what they were and said no. Then we went upstairs and he started to kiss my neck. I  took my top off and then dropped my jeans and boxers to the floor. He did the same. I could feel his hand on my cock and mine moved onto his. I then for some reason panicked and said I need the bathroom and took my clothes and left.

When my wife moved out I spent a lot of time wearing my skirt and now I had got another baby doll I would sleep in too.

One day I put out the trash still wearing a skirt and top. It was such an exciting thrill. I  wanted more.

Not too long later I met another girl and she spent a lot of time at mine. Sometimes she would joke about me being gay and wanting to with a guy. It made me want to be with one while she watched. I  started imagining her watching me being naked with another guy and being on my knees while she held my head closer to the guys cock and saying go on my little cock sucker you know you want to, don’t you? I would nod my head and she would say ah I’ve got my own little gay boyfriend. Funnily enough she did call me that once.

One night when she was out with her friends I  was still up at 1 in the morning wearing my short skirt. I decided I would put the trash out again still wearing it. It was nice warm summer night so I decided to be more daring and go for a walk wearing it.

Oh my gosh! I loved it! I didn’t want to go home! When I took my trainers off and was walking bare feet in skirt and top it felt so amazing!

I  was so disappointed when I got home cos my journey had ended.

To be continued…