Does she know?


My girlfriend had pratically moved in now and sex was happening a lot with her. Out of the blue she started playing with my butt hole during sex and then  fingering my hole. My mind went crazy! This felt amazing! I started pushing against her finger wanting her to go deeper. Then she whispered to me you really like that don’t you? When I nodded she said tell me, I  want to hear you say it or I’ll stop. Yes I do like it I replied. Like it or love it? She asked. Love it was my reply. Tell me what you love she said with a huge grin on her face. I love feeling your finger inside me, I love you fingering me. She laughed then said I thought you would. From then on every time we had sex she would always finger me, always smiling as she saw how much enjoyment I was getting out of it.

She would often tease me saying things like I bet you’d like to have a boyfriend and was always talking about her gay friend. She would also say that me and a guy at work would make a cute couple. I began to wonder does she know something. She never elaborated anymore than that so I never knew.

That started me fantasising a lot about my girlfriend hooking me up with guys. I would imagine, that after sex with her she would say you know you’ve never given me an orgasm are you sure you’re not gay. Maybe I should fix you up with my friend and see if you’re better at sex with a guy because you’re not that good with women. I bet you can give guys amazing orgasms with that girly mouth of yours. Do you want me to get you a date with him? As she said this I would get instantly hard and she would say wow! I think we have our answer! Then remark on how I had never been that hard before, not for her, so maybe I do prefer guys. She would continue to tease me saying just imagine being naked in bed with another guy, your hands wandering over his naked body and touching his hard cock. Imagine feeling his lips on yours as he forces his tongue in your mouth. She would notice how hard I was then put her hands on my very swollen member and say just pretend thats your manly boyfriends hand on your cock and she would laugh as I let out a little moan. Hmmm you’d like that to happen wouldn’t you? Without thinking I’d murmur mmm yes. Then she would laugh again saying aww so cute my little gay boyfriend wants his own boyfriend don’t you? I would just nod then she would say I bet you want to be the his little girlfriend don’t you? Again I just nodded feeling my face go red with embarrassment. She would continue saying imagine having his tongue in your mouth, imagine tasting his cock in your mouth. His hands on the back of your head as he fucks your mouth, filling your mouth with his cum. Then getting on top of you and slowly entering you as he kisses you deeply. You wrapping your legs around him as he goes deeper and deeper inside you. As he starts to cum inside you, you moan in extasy and beg for him to go deeper and harder. By this time I’d imagine I would have cum everywhere much to the pleasure and amusement of my girlfriend who would then feed me any cum that was on her hand. I would think about her making me phone up her gay friend and asking him out on a date.

Sometimes I would imagine answering the door naked to a guy and start kissing him on the doorstep for anyone passing to see. Then taking him by the hand and bringing him inside.

Other times I would imagine coming home and my girlfriend had left a note for me to get naked then come into the front room because she had a surprise for me that she knew I was going to love. When I walked in I would see another guy standing naked before me and I’d be totally mesmerised. He puts out his hands and says come here. I take his hands and he pulls me in close, our rock hard cocks are rubbing against each other as I put my arms around him and he rests his hands on my lower back. I look lovingly into his eyes as he he kisses me on the lips. I’m in a daze not sure what to make of it all as he leans in and kisses me again, longer this time. That felt good but before I’ve had time to take it all in he kisses me again but this time I instinctively part my lips for him to push his tongue into my mouth. As he does I go weak at the knees and let out a whimper as his tongue touches mine. Which amuses my girlfriend. We kiss passionately, and I move his hands down onto my butt then put my arms back around the back of his neck. His hands start to roam over my naked body and it feels electrifying! I’ve never felt anything so good. I don’t want it to stop. The feeling of his tongue in my mouth is so sensual, I  am totally under his spell. I’ve never experienced anything like this with a woman.

He breaks away from the kiss and whispers its time to get down on your knees. I start to kiss down his chest until I’m on my knees before him. All the time looking into his eyes. I’m now on my knees before him, looking up at him waiting for his command like a dog waiting for his masters instructions. His gorgeous cock staring me in the face. It seems like an age before his nods his head which I take as my invitation to kiss the tip of his cock. I then kiss all the way down his shaft to the bottom and his balls then sucking on them before licking the length of his cock then taking it in my mouth. Wow! I loved how it felt in my mouth! I loved how it made me feel, naked, on my knees, with a mans penis in my mouth, his hand on the back of my head, my girlfriend watching. I was his gay lover. His girlfriend sucking her mans cock. This was my place. It felt right. I  wanted to do this everyday. It wasn’t long before he was filling my mouth with his cum. I desperately tried to swallow it all. I heard him say what a good little girl. I loved hearing him say that. All I could think about was how I wanted to do anything to please him.

To be continued….


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