Could I be a sub?

I had now gotten to the point where I would love it when my girlfriend wasn’t around so I could dress up or go online to chat to guys.

Again I would wonder if my girlfriend knew when she would talk about getting me a pretty dress and how cute I would look. I would be thinking just imagine if for my birthday she bought me as a present pretty link lingerie and a pretty dress and high heels and made me parade around the house in my outfit. Insisting that as soon as I was home I would change into it. If someone was at the door she would make me answer it still dressed girly. When we were at home she would call me Vicki. Oh if only.

I put another advert in the paper for a guy wanting to meet up for fun with a guy who loves dressing up girly. When i checked the messages a few days later I got a shock when I recognised the voice on the machine. It was a guy who came into work once a week to train me on a course my work wanted me to complete. As well as that I had worked with his daughter a few years back. She wasn’t particularly nice so it made me laugh as I thought if only she knew. Obviously I didn’t meet him.

The bigger shock was when I listened to an answer phone message on my phone saying this is a message for that faggot and then said my name! Wtf! Someone knew my secret! I never figured out who. My only thought was maybe my ex had told someone about that email she had found. It worried me for quite some time.

I did arrange to meet up with a guy at his flat. I was in his place but when he said come on over and sit next to me I again panicked and made my excuses and left. He did phone me as I was on my way downstairs but I didn’t answer.

Quite a few times while having sex with my girlfriend I would pretend I was with a guy especially with her finger up my butt. All I kept thinking was I really wished this was actually a guy and how much I wanted to spend a night with a hunky man getting intimate with him. Having him make love to me all night long and then waking up in his arms. On these occasions my girlfriend would be like wow! You’re really horny today! Obviously not realising it was only because I was pretending I was with a guy! One time I did shout out oh fuck me please which had her asking what I had said. Luckily she believed what I told her.

Back online I started talking to a dom who wanted to make me his sex slave. He wanted me to stay the week with him, insisting I stay naked at all times. My mind wandered to me doing just that with the only time that he was naked was when he was giving me a good fucking or a bed time. So most of the time he was fully clothed while I was always naked. One night he came home from work with 3 friends to watch the game. Total surprise to me. They talked me as if it was normal me being naked, almost as if they didn’t notice or that I was dressed.

He had me serve them drinks and food all night. When I wasn’t doing that I was to sit on the floor by his feet while he stroked my head. While I was getting some drinks ready one of the guys came in and started talking to me, just chatting. I  was thinking how weird it was me naked, him clothed just chatting. Then another friend joined as we just talked. One asked me how long I had been his friends slave boy. For some reason i just instinctively replied oh a couple of days. I  didn’t realise how turned on I got being called that until they laughed and pointed.

During the game he ordered me to suck his cock. As I did as I was told no one batted an eyelid. When I was done he said girl you really do give the best bj’s I think you should thank my friends for allowing you to serve them by sucking their cocks. I  had never seen guys get their cocks out so quickly.

When they left they kept saying see you tomorrow, I can’t wait for your party, they are always so good! I asked him about it and he said oh yes Im having a load of friends over tomorrow for a party and you’re going to be the server for the night. I’ve got you a collar which you will wear telling everyone just who you are. My slave. Thats all you will be wearing. Unless I decide to make you wear heels but that will be all.

The night came and I was to answer the door and take people coats. No one seemed surprised to see me standing there naked. When all the guests had arrived, a good mix of men and women I spent the night bringing people drinks and snacks. Sometimes as I walked off people would my smack my bum and laugh. 

Then my master called me over to where he was talking to a group of friends of both sexes. When I got there he said here she is, tell everyone that you will do anything to please me won’t  you? Yes sir I said. Well right now I want you to be my dog! Get down on all fours dog! I did as ordered. Call him Rover I heard a female voice shout out. No! Missy a guy shouted out, she’s a female dog. Yes thats right Missy you’re a little girl aren’t you my master asked. Yes I said. Smack! I felt the full weight of my masters hand across my backside! You’re a dog not a human! Dogs don’t talk they bark! Now you’re a good little dog aren’t you? Woof woof I replied much to everyones amusement. My master then got out a lead and attached it to my collar. He then asked who wanted to take his dog for a walk outside. A woman volunteered so my master gave her the lead and told me to be a good girl for her. She took me outside, walking slowly as I was on fours going as fast as I could go crawling along. There were guests outside who all found it very amusing seeing me being walked like a dog. Worse was to come when she insisted I pee like a dog, telling me we wouldn’t be going back in until I did. She even smacked me hard telling me to hurry up. Eventually I managed to do as she told me and we went in.

Inside my master had kindly put a bowl of water and another bowl which had food in it. I had to eat it all then drink the water like dog. Again everyone found it hilarious.

At the end of the evening, almost everyone would say say good dog as I gave them their coats and showed them out.

I enjoyed that fantasy.

To be continued….


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